All agreements until 2013, to buy Crude Oil from producers, have been successfully finished at this moment. In 2014 Alania Oil Group have had agreements to buy monthly 4.0 million Bonny Light barrels from NNPC. At present, Alania Oil has valid pre-agreements with refineries, in Asia, to refine up to 11.0 million Crude Oil barrels monthly. PRODUCING CRUDE OIL
In 1999, the Alania Oil Group studied and put into operation an oil field in the South of the Russian Federation. We start a new project in Siberia, TPZP project, with seven crude oil fields. The project envisage not only all works from drilling the wells but also the 50 km inland pipeline connection with Transneft net. The area covered under four licenses is 8,500 Km2. Crude Oil production will start in one year. Alania Oil will owns 60% of the shares of this wells camp; Project investment $205.00 million.