In the last years, the Group have acquired crude oil from producer companies, domestic oil trading centres, and delivering cargoes to different refineries under processing agreements, in order to supply derivate products to final consumer or reseller companies. Alania Oil has made agreements and significant investments to have an effective refining capacity of more than 11.000.000 barrels per month, with projects for new refineries. Alania Oil has three refinery projects. In two of them, we are acting as engineering company and builders. For the first two we have ready the Front End Engineering Design, FEED, and project. We are waiting the owner’s financial program. In the last one, we will be, also, in charge of the plant operation. In this refinery project, it is established that, we, Alania Oil, will own the 80% of the shares. This project is delayed until the market regular consumption rise to 2012 levels.